Wifi Hack Tools are useless, how to avoid them?

As you know, most of all these wifi hackers, wifi hack tools etc. are useless and they are made for scamming people. Any alternatives? Of course, you can improve your Wi-Fi performance by using special tips and tricks. Firstly, never hide your router to keep your connection at good condition. Poeple usually place their routers between furniture and this is why they’re getting lags. You definitely shouldn’t place your router in a closet or in a cabinet, it slows your Wifi because walls and doors absorb signal strength. So, what is the best place for you router? You should find a central point in your house and put your router on a wardrobe or on table. These days some routers are made to project their signal slightly downward, kepp it in your mind when you think about place for the router.


How to protect your possword? Use antimalware softwares to make your device safer, you can also use firewall but you will need to customize it. Good firewall’s customization gives the best results and gives protection, but it depends a big knowledge and experience with this. Feel free to search and watch a few video tutorials on youtube and modern network routers contain built-in firewalls, but if your router is old, read these tips. At start ensure that your router’s firewall is turned on, enjoy changing priority settings. For extra security, consider installing and running additional security programs on each device connected to the router such as mobile phones, tablets, smartphones etc. What about bands? Use 2 bands to improve your wireless connection performance and keep your Net fast. That was working very slow and bad weather conditions made the antenna slower and slower. These days routers usually have radios that operate on two types of frequencies – 2.4 and 5 GHz. And the good news for you is you can have two networks running at the same time, sounds enough good? Is it worth to use both networks in your home? Yes, but you can quickly split it like this: use one of them for devices that need Wi-Fi access at the lower frequency and another on 5 GHz. You should know that higher band is usually less crowded and it should be better for high-bandwidth uses such as streaming.


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