Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version No Root for Android

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Lucky Patcher APK Latest Version No Root for Android

Post by admin » Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:11 pm

What exactly Lucky Patcher is and why it’s getting more and more popular in android/ios community? Lucky patcher allows you to get all free in-app purchases and unlock hidden features from android games and apps. The tutorial is easy to understand but if you have some problem, feel free to contact me. I would like to teach you each of these functions step-wise as well as you can download free apk file of Lucky patcher from our site.
One of the best feature of lucky patcher is that it works even on non-rooted devices but you should note that Lucky Patcher works fully only on rooted devices. For example if your device is not rooted, you can root it quickly with kingroot because it doesn’t require PC to root. I decided to upload some extra photos and attach them to this tutorial, I hope it helps.

To be honest, you won’t be able to use all of possible features on non rooted device and this is the fact. But do not worry, you can use many important features such as free in-app purchases. You can learn about all the available features for Non-rooted devices on this landing page, please read them carefully. You will find download buttons, features, photos and whole guide below.
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<p style="text-align: left;">This is an application that can patch your apps or games to remove the license check, remove ads, customize and limit permissions and modify some apps. More features of lucky patcher are: backup apps, patch apps while booting, patching manually etc. Warning: Stable functioning of Lucky Patcher can’t be guaranteed by anyone, because there are apps you cannot modify. You are solely responsible for use of this application. As I said it the first paragraph, rooting is also required. The app is legal, available in most of android/ios stores and free markets, so don’t worry about security. In some cases you will need to reboot your device, this is info from developers and testers.

How to use the app on Android system?

1. Download Lucky Patcher for free.

2. Install it and launch the application. Remember to grant root access and after it you will see additional notes „custom patch available”, „License verification found”, „In app purchases found” given below the name of your apps. If one of these features is available, go ahead and just modify your game or mobile app. Some people think Lucky Patcher is made for people who wants to hack games, but it’s not the truth. With this smart app you can update your browser, plugins or even google play store! All with the only one click, it works like update searcher, you probably test „Update Checkers” on your PC. Some websites offer good tools but they depends installation of this kind of additional softs. But lucky patcher is really helpful and it’s nice to hear that developer updates it regularly.

3. Find on your list the game or app that has „Custom patch available” below and tap on it. Remember that not only games need updates, also small apps and addons for your phone depends small fixes. This makes lucky patcher great and universal app, you can use it on most of Android devices without barriers. Another good point is the application is free and you will find old versions and releases here with notifications.

4. Open menu of patches and select „Custom patch”. If other custom patches are available feel free to select any one of them. After it you will see details and additional info about patch. Tap apply to confirm patching proccess.  Wait for a few seconds or minutes until „Patches are applied” is seen. Of course, it depends of game/app and it can take a few seconds or even minutes, so do not worry. If something went wrong, follow all steps again or select other app to change. If you see “Patch couldn’t be applied” message, please upgrade or downgrade current version of your game or app as said by lucky patcher to fix the issue. At the end repeat the process and enjoy, your app is modified!
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How to use the app on PC?

1) Have you ever heard about bluestacks? If you still have no bluestacks installed, do it right now.

2) Run .apk file of lucky patcher you downloaded before. Bluestacks window should appear and it will be installed.

3) From now all the processes are same as you do in Android device. Test it!

Check Lucky Patcher APK Features:
  • Hide ads from your app
  • Clone the applications
  • Download custom patch without updating the app
  • Removes licence verification from some apps
  • Send application to SD Card in one click
  • Delete the permission of the application
  • Create modified application in a few seconds
  • How to remove license of my app?
Go to the full list of your apps and just click on the app you want to remove permissions. After it click „Open Menu of Patches”, choose „Remove License Verification” button and at the end apply „Auto Modes”.
  • How to remove ads?
Click „Open Menu of Patches”, then select „Remove Google Ads” option. Click on „Patch to remove Google Ads” and apply the process.
  • How to Hack In-app Purchases?
Download Lucky Patcher from my website and install it. Open the application and tap on patch to android on bottom. Choose all the patches, tap apply and wait a moment. Your device will reboot. Close the Lucky patcher and open game or app you want to hack in-app purchases. Move into to buying area and tap “Buy” button to get selected app. Lucky patcher will ask you “Do you want to get this item for free?” Click „Yes” and enjoy free apps.
How-to-use-lucky-patcher.png (166.79 KiB) Viewed 19 times
  • Your Modded play store is not opening or you lost original store after installing modded play store?
If your play store is not opening and displaying „Force Close” message, please clear data in your device’s settings. If play store has vanished from your phone, its because you installed unsupported Play store. The solution is installing an older version.
  • How many apps and games are suppoorted?
Seems like Lucky patcher supports many apps and games but it’s impossible to make the ideal app supports all diffrent applications and games. To be honest, it depends upon your luck that whether you get success or not. This is the reason to name this app as „Lucky” patcher, now all clear? It requires your skill to use this tool, you need to be smart.
  • You applied Custom Patch but it shows message „Patch Cannot be applied”?
In some cases the app shows “Custom patch available” message below the app/game, but patch cannot be applied because the game or app version you have installed on your Androi device is different than the one for which the custom patch was made. To manage it, just read the instructions carefully below “custom patch description” and upgrade or downgrade your game.
  • Is it safe to use Lucky patcher on your device?
There are millions users of Lucky Patcher for Android but there is no evidence that people got their device damaged because of using this app. You must know that some games are good security systems and you won’t be able to hack them. I mean big and well-known titles such as boom beach, mobile strike or cleash of clans. Notice that Lucky patcher uses an unidentifiable technique to hack games, so I can guarantee that you will be 100% safe. I can add it’s full legal way, the application is popular, available on markets and tested by many Android users.
  • What if my browser says “This file can be harmful”.  Every browser detect Lucky patcher as a virus?
I have heard that Google Chrome displays this message for most of .apk files you want to download. This is just an warning message and as you know this browser shows this message in many other cases. Just ignore it.


You always need to keep your lucky patcher updated. Why? This great app works if you have rooted Android system. Feel free to remove the access data taken by the applications. I hope this article shows How to install Lucky Patcher on android device. Lucky Patcher is a free and useful application for backup and block ads appear in applications. The program was created for users of hardware with Android but I have heard about some iOS tries. Using the application to create a backup copy of the game/app and its files (eg. Maps) and get rid of bothersome ads in apps.

These days on most of websites you will see ads, the same stuff is with mobile softs or games. As it can perform many useful things that mod can’t. It can easily bypass premium features of paid apps , quickly backup and restore apps, controls ads in apps and many more! The programs for which the patches are made, get frequent updates and that’s why the patches will be outdated. Then we have to rebuild them, so we have to update much pretty often.

The bad info for iOS users is Lucky patcher is available for android only at this moment. I’ve decided to publish not only the latest version of lucky patcher, on my site you can find older versions. If the latest version doesn’t works fine on your phone, then just try other version. Need change logs for particular versions of app? Download this useful app and and know what every next update brings here.

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