Bananagrams Discussion Unofficial Forum Thread

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Bananagrams Discussion Unofficial Forum Thread

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Bananagrams is a board verbal app, reminiscent of the famous Scrabble. The minigame is about creating anagrams and is characterized by surprising dynamics – especially when played in the company of another people. Asmodee Digital is responsible for creating the digital conversion.

Bananagrams is a verbal app in which gamers have to make crosswords. The minigame begins with assigning a specific number of letters to every of the participants of the app. At the begin of the minigame they are uncovered and the users begin to make the stacks. Gamers race and can change and cross their words at any time (every user makes his own crossword).
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The remaining unallocated letters at the beginning of the minigame are secret (hidden) and are in a common pot. When we lack something to create a word, we can order a "selection" – then all users obtain successive letters (and there is no chance to select – we receive them whether we wish them or not). If one of your letters does not suit you very well, we have the chance to reject it to the bank... however, this involves receiving three another letters.

The app continues until there are as many or fewer letters in the pool as there are users.

In Bananagrams we can play alone or with others.

Like most digital adaptations of board minigames, Bananagrams has a fairly easy graphic design. It consists mainly of visualization of the field of play where the words are written.

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