Root Explorer ZIP Latest Version & Guide [Always Updated]

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Root Explorer ZIP Latest Version & Guide [Always Updated]

Post by admin » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:48 am

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager with great extensions for free. This tool allows you to access the whole file system including the secured ones. Root explorer is most powerful tool and it has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. All what you need is android 2.2 or higher and 4 MB on your disc space. Firsty, extract and file and run it on your Android system. Follow a few steps given below to use root explorer correctly and to get the best results.

Right now you can Download Root Explorer apk from this website without any survey or other hidden payments. I guess you are kind of tired of annoying surveys. Other sites offer some kind of exchange, you fill one of the surveys and you get your file. This file can be virused, non-working or just outdated, but money gone. Not this time, gamer! They usually don’t work as you wish and sometimes unlocked file can damage your device. There are many stores and markets providing modified version of root explorer that can cause damage to your phone or any other unwanted activities. You should know that using modified Root Explorer is dangerous. It’s much better to download this tool from websites like this, but if you still a little scared, don’t worry. You can easily scan it to confirm the tool is clean.
Root-Explorer-APK-for-Android-1.png (102.28 KiB) Viewed 20 times
Need more features of root explorer? Using version 4.0.1 of the app gives you many benefits and it’s totally worth to download. If something doesn’t work as you wish, please download older version of tool and try again. You can open and manage the files without barriers. Notice that you couldn’t have done with default android file manager on your phone. You can quickly view data that are hidden in android device for security purposes such as data of the games or applications you downloaded. What more? Thanks of this app you can open multiple tabs in root explorer as you used to do in browsers. By the way, here you find a disclaimer for my website, I attach it for security reasons. Another good news ins it supports google drive, Dropbox, Box and more. Root Explorer has build-in SQlite database viewer, multiple select for files and remount files. You will be able to send files via Bluetooth, email and test many more useful features.

How to use Root Explorer?

1. Install the tool on your device. You can download it directly to your mobile device and I recommend this way. Other options? Of course you are able to download it to your PC, but you will need to connect your computer to mobile device and transfer toor explorer.
2. Open the app and to the data folder. Then again go to next data folder.
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3. Find the folder for chosen game and go to shared_prefs. After it go to game-name.xml file. For example if you want to hack XXX game, find XXX.xml file.

4. Edit the code and change values. For example if you want to change the amount of gold or diamonds in your favourite game, just edit this line <int name=”gold” value =”0″ />. How? Write 999999 or any value you want instead of 0. Easy and safe, right?

5. At the end click on save button to finish.
Root Explorer is a file manager app available for Android devices. It gives you the ability to access the whole file system including the intangible data folders. From now you will have access to your file system, it completely changes customization that you can do to your device. So much five star ratings gives a a guarantee that this magic tool works fine. I have heard that you can also get this tool from google store, it means the app is legal and safe. You must know there are very satisfied customers here and in other apk markets. Do not hesitate and test this tool, but firstly read this guide carefully. And make sure you read as many comments and reviews as possible to get a good idea of what most people think about root explorer apk.
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I says installation is blocked! What to do?

I guess your device blocks the installation from unknown sources for security reasons. Some many free, legal and safe apps are blocked by your system, but you can easily change it. Trust me. you stay 100% safe with root explorer. How to fix it and finish installation? Go to your settings and find „Applications”. Then enable„Unknown Sources”. Diffrent devices has variety of settings and menus, you must find option that allows you to install and download files from unknown sources. Enable it to test root explorer on your device and get the best results. If something went wrong, do not hesitate and write to me, I will try my best to find the solution. You can also read comments below, sometimes it’s enough because a few people have found the solution in the past and they described it in comments. Read them carefully or visit reddit thread to find more tips and tricks.

Which apps or games are supported?

The offline games can be easily hacked by root explorer. You cannot use this application to hack online games, sorry bro. Root Explorer 4.0.1 can modify only the data stored in your phone, that’s all. In case of offline games, data is stored in server of the game, so you cannot change them, because you have no access to the server. You should forget about big and popular games such as world of tanks or clash of clans. It’s just impossible, instead of it you can find dangerous files with survey but they won’t help you. At this moment there is not much you can do to applications but all apps are supported. You can modify quickly them but be sure what you are doing.

Is this tool safe to use?

As I said, this app is safe but you if you change something in game’s code, you can ruin the game. Use of root explorer apk can cause some damage to the game or app you have installed on your Android. For example if you deleted some important elements of the app that is required to run it. By the way, you may also delete system sounds or any other fundamental requirement of your device and your system may fail to run correctly. Use it wisely and if you’re not sure, it’s  10 times better to read firstly and make changes after. I advice you to BE CAREFUL and do not modify the most important apps and elements on your phone. This rule souds good: if you don’t know what will happen, just don’t try it. Bfore you start using this tool, do a small research on the name of the game you want to hack and you will know whether you have to change or keep it untouched.
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Is it possible to get banned in any game?

The application or game developer won’t know that you are using root explorer, it’s just impossible. Moreover there is no single evidence of our user getting banned by using this smart tool. I did a research and I have never found a single person who get banned in any game. Usually small apps and games are not secured enough and that’s why this is so easy to cheat in games with apps like this. I add some rules in disclaimer, click it and read info about privacy policy. Of course I’m not responsible for your mistakes and incorrect using this tool. Use your brain and I promise you will be satisfied and your game will be changed for the better.

I need more features. Should I download Root Explorer?

The application is one of the few apps beyond browser that has this feature. You are able to open multiple tabs like you do in web browsers. This feature is useful and pretty easy to use. Root explorer supports many online storage such us google drive, box, dropbox or SMB support. Thanks of it you can directly sync your files/folders to these storages. With text editor you can edit files in plain text and add or delete some part of content on your wish. Some files files are not readable by default file viewer on android device, but in this case root explorer will also help you. This feature is very useful because many files you download from internet are often available in this format. Feel free to search for certain file or any folder with its name. You can qucikly view the permissions allowed to the app and even change them in a few seconds!

Download Root Explorer - Search in Aptoide


Root Explorer Apk Updated Version is actually a fantastic and useful android app that is much popular and easy to use. It has regular updates and you can find a lot of video tutorials on youtube or vimeo. That’s why this tool is getting more and more popular, just ask android users about it. But, improper use of this application can cause serious damage and you may loose your app data or game data. As i said, use it wisely and remember it’s better to ask firstly, do not modify if you’re not sure about security. I recommend you not to even try anything you are not sure! The app gives you a big adventage and more fun from playing mobile games, it’s totally worth to download and test. Download links are <span
Root-Explorer-ZIP-Latest-Version.png (222.85 KiB) Viewed 20 times
I hope you enjoy using this amazing app, use this correctly to get the best results. I have heard poeple that commit mistakes and anything went wrong at anytime, so do not worry. If you use your brain and you read tutorials and video guides, will be fine. If you also find any issues and you can’t fix it, please leave a comment down below or contact me via contact form. Moreover, your mistakes can be knowledge to someone else and I can also learn new ideas and solutions from visitors. So, I kindly ask you to share your experiences, new ideas or hidden bugs. You can also find here a disclaimer for my website, check it out if you want. I included there some guidelines and many more for new and young users. Anyway, I hope this guide helps you and you will back for update.

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