Top 10 Best Legendary Heroes in the Castle Clash


Castle Clash is a similar clash of clans. Both games have both many differences, but things are equal, so. For example, two heroes must fight them. However, the shock of the castle, you can do more than ten heroes of all kinds. They can be useful for all sorts of combat, increasingly the other heroes, and many other things, such as construction increases, combat strategy, and others. Read on to learn how to collect more heroes, and how to use them.


1. Pumpkin Duke

Let’s celebrate! With this on your side, you will be unstoppable! Damage increased movement speed and attack allies! Would have been better if it is the remote attacker, so it will be safe from incoming attacks and maintain security polishing unit, but unfortunately it was a close, narrow range – ranged attackers.
The Duke of pumpkins, if I am lucky at the beginning of the game, maybe too op. The pumpkin Duke increase damage, movement and attack speed. They are too OP with Cupids well. Cupid increased use special abilities, which in turn makes the Duke pumpkin attack and work better and better until the level is unstoppable.
Duke pumpkin is crazy heroes are not only tanked for the rest of the hero, but the best thing is for the team every battle of prison. Combining this with a strong head minotaur hero and can destroy the entire base in seconds! At a high level with 4/10 also celebrate and decent talent, looking unstoppable hero, the best in the game!


2. Druid

Only the best hero ever. It can heal nearby allies ten at maximum capacity and increase their attacks by 32% for 5 seconds! It is high-end, and attack / CV makes you unstoppable!
Druid is the only character who can not live without drugs and fans. More flexibility in the raid, the head, and the challenging sand. An absolute must have, which is a shame given to you now, after signing for 30 days
a great hero in general, but should not be # 1 is that you can not live without one, but you can not live without a kicker in the NFL and not go first round


3. Vlad Dracula

A registration Dracula channels 5/5 and 9/9 of the peak to life skills can deal massive amounts of damage and durable that do not require drugs or other Druidic distributors damage. All you need is a pumpkin Duke to strengthen and improve the speed of damage
He is the only hero most destructive through the game as “Blood Feast,” his ability can hit air and ground units and even kill a hero, except Orks bane against, but must at the same level of a star or flush the opponent. Said in a sentence that should be # 1.
She is incredible. Now I use it as my battle tank with the head and with the help of banquet blood is much better than the champion and do as much damage and stuns the boss at the same time!

4. Cupid

In combination with the Pumpkin Duke battles in the arena, that hero to make his team stronger. It is also a force to fly and have ranged attacks.
It is great, I rode in 2500 gems obtained from the maintenance of the party, but there was only one death knight then my chest makes finding events God’s name and click on the open chest the writing that the legendary hero of Cupid
It is the only one. He had more than three.
I chose it because Cupid can polish your computer as hell


5. Spirit Mage

Favorite is my hero. It does not damage the fool, and you enter with the god of war and life to become self-healing damage dealers who can do damage with crazy enemies randomly on the map. Although it is hard to obtain valuable in the long run, especially a great player. Fly on the wall so that it can accurately carry out altogether
It is amazing what a hero kill anything away kills more than one front near the other side of the map


6. Immortep

Immortep and Vlad is an excellent combination to finish with the necessary ease unbuffered
Should be in the top 5. Not only the damage but stuns storms units on hand. Helpful in every aspect of the game. The best performance of HBM. Cheers!
Heroes of the shock defeat of the castle, and it was all over and attack healthy. Moreover, the best part of it is the ability. That surrounds and kills all the other soldiers.
I liked it, kill all the enemies that attack.


7. Santa Boom

Another improved version of the Wizard of mind that can kill more soldiers and heroes come without you.
Attack big splash does devastating damage to its contents. Comparable to the spirit of the witch as a target of damage that can not reach their base. Fireworks proc which makes for a pleasant viewing experience while enjoying the beautiful lights like destroying an entire enemy base.
Amazing father. It should be much higher. I can kill more than one basis, even without close. Not the best, but certainly surprising.
Hey, who does not want the jolly old Santa.


8. Aries

Heroes are very dangerous. With the expertise. His ability to hit the enemy heroes with much damage. If your level of competence 09/05 and 100 to the damage of this ability 16000!
The greatest hero of vacant periods Point Arena. Perfect for the attack, and an excellent addition to shipping. Must be over 10!
Depleted energy and block their skills. This guy must be greater than five easily. There was sand at this time and left right
He has an incredible talent that lasted all their heroes.


9. Moltanica

Moltanica is a rare hero who can only achieve through special events you will not wrap with a gem Firebreath of energy use is the opposite of Duke pumpkin is not only that he loses not a hero and soldier. However, I can also attack the best hero for players who do not have the Duke pumpkin.
Tenacity slap 5/5 of these animals in the 100 level and what you want in a tank with 40,000 flight if hit points forty thousand and a similar attack at Duke pumpkin. Moreover, did I mention that otherwise pumpkin capacity Duke, and damaged a large area? You can not hate on this hero just because it is hard to achieve. It should be just below the druid we all know is a necessity.
It has high statistics and the ability to break. It may be September 1 9/9 stars for hero 2 stars, so much stronger than other heroes.


10. Skull Knight

Skull Knight OP just ridiculous. At 124 with the skills and recording 80 6/10 30k damage on each shot and you have the fastest attack speed of any champion with only a delay of 600 ms. Amateur lasted 10 seconds with just one-second delay 12. Thus, instead of just two seconds every 12 seconds that it has a fan and not only give you a fan attack, but also reduces the maximum amount of damage you can take any fan 8/8 revived and integrated. Lifesteal with which is tough to kill, and when it happens just go back to 100% due to the health of restoring 8/8.
Knights of the skull should be easy # 2 hero. The Beautiful reservoir at the highest level of skill, speed very fast attack and movement speed by providing most of the troops.

With the speed of movement, in general, it is the first line so that eventually becomes the tank. Unkillable by his superiors once your active skills.

Pair it with the drain of life, and he was an unstoppable tank that has the most damage. Heroes are outstanding all around.

The wreckage of the enemy arena team and lost his kingdom.
One of the best all-rounder in the game until today. The first of their ability to survive, with its capacity to revive and reduce the damage it makes the best tank. More importantly, the damage ridiculously OP is concerned, because it can get rid of most heroes. So the skull of the intelligent man with 10/10 8/8 5/5 life drain peak and revitalization can do wonders in all game modes.

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