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We’ve already shown you how to use Snapchat, an app that looks simple enough to use but is replete with subtly designed features you could easily miss. Last year, Snapchat was ranked the third most popular social app among millennials, trailing only Facebook and Instagram. And the app has more nuanced features than ever. Now we’re going to show you some Snapchat hacks so that you can make the most out of Snapchat’s not-so-obvious features without resorting to downloading third-party apps. It’s never been easier to add someone on Snapchat with the QR code which is automatically in everyone’s app – and is totally individual to you. Also see: Snapchat can do what it likes with your messages, even publicly display them – should you be worried?

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To bring it up, simply tap the ghost icon at the top of the screen or swipe downwards when on the main camera screen. To add someone, you only have to point the Snapchat camera at one of these codes and all the hard work will be done in a jiffy. Take a minute and think about most of the Snapchat stories you see and how similar the content is. The fact is, for most – originality on Snapchat is lacking. That’s the case for many social media platforms but can be the most apparent on Snapchat due to the nature of the app. That’s the cue to step your game up.

The best way to bring value to users on Snapchat is by providing a variety of content that your users will either find entertaining or helpful information. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and take risks. Monotony = loss of interest. One of the biggest barriers to entry for brands on Snapchat is figuring out how Snapchat can directly have value for their brand. One of the best ways is to give important messages and announcements on your Snapchat.

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If you’re delivering an important message on Snapchat, for example, sharing a URL you’d like your followers to visit, asking them to screenshot it can be an excellent way to drive action. When it comes to screenshots, Taylor advises giving your followers some warning of what’s coming up.

You have to be smart about how you go about this. You have to make users anticipate something is coming before it comes. Let users know that you’re about to announce something important before you do so or prompt them by saying “screenshot the next snap.” Yep, it’s that simple and can be highly effective. Many people such as growth expert Morgan Brown and others have realized that one of the best ways to promote your Snapchat brand is to create your own content about Snapchat. This can be lists of best people to follow, best practices and tips, case studies, etc. If the content is solid, people will share it, and there will be a lot more brand awareness for your Snapchat hack. Making lists is probably the best way to go about it, this will give you a distribution by influencers who will promote your content in reciprocation.

First off, did you know that you can add an animated selfie to your personalized Snapcode? It’s easy and makes for a more dynamic Snapchat presence. Simply tap on the ghost icon at the top middle of your screen to see your Snapcode. Tap on it once more and you’ll see a camera icon. Get ready to vogue because as soon as you hit the camera button your phone’s front-facing camera will snap five selfies. If you find any snapchat hacker online, tell us about it. These will then scroll repeatedly to create your new, GIF-like Snapcode. You can refresh these images at any time by tapping on it again. The text limit is annoying, but there is a workaround.

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Go into your iPhone’s Notes app and create a blank note. Press Return several times to create five or so blank lines. Now, press and hold the screen until you get the option to Select/Select All, etc. Choose Select All, then Copy. Head to Snapchat, capture your image then press and hold in the text box until you get the option to Paste. You have now created a larger text box you can type in. The only drawback is that you have to manually tap down to each line to type in it. Young people are using Snapchat for various reasons, the largest common factor is probably down to cost, once you’re on wifi, sending a message with Snapchat is free. Traditional sms text or photo messages can be pricy to send; especially for young people who are on ‘pay as you go’ phones. For some people text messages and posts on Facebook and Twitter are too permanent. Snapchat offers its users spontaneity to communicate without any long term consequences, a trait almost completely absent from most social media platforms where users connect with ‘friends’ in a one-up-manship parade of who went out to the coolest party and who has the best clothes. This perceived freedom from a trail of archived messaging activity is very attractive to teens as they strive to go, ‘off the grid’.


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