Sky Dancer apk 1.0.0 Android App Premiere

In Sky Dancer you will join the dangerous game and push yourself to limitation with every wild jumps through a beautiful planet! Sky Dancer apk is for people who love Skydriving and also for whom never experiencing the risk while being airbone!

When you learn how to get used with the Sky Dancer game, you will discover that everything around you isn’t matter anymore, it’s just you and the endless challenges!

Sky Dancer game about

The game is inspired by the minimalist 3D art style, simply stunning, every thing of Sky Dancer is visually impressive.

Tap by two fingers to jump, tap the left side of your screen to turn left or tap the right side of the screen to turn right.

Developer goal is to provide a surreal and beautiful soundscape to every user. Not just with the headphones, they make sure that Sky Dancer music is perfect with phone speakers too!

Inspired by the minimalist

Discover 10 unique Dancers, test your skills with variety of quests and simply multiplier your score. Do not wait and challenge your friends for the best score!


Sky Dancer is a Universal App with Google Drive support. You can play on your devices and your progress will always be in sync.

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