Qurius apk updated for Android from Icejam Games Inc

Best World-Builder Ever is waiting for [email protected] Welcome to Qurius where Your Weather is pure Magic.
From the team that brought you big titles such as Simpsons: Tapped Out and Trade Nations comes a new open-world town-building game!
Raising the Town-Building Bar – 4 / 5 Stars from Gamezebo!

Grow and harvest gems created from your real, live weather conditions. Get magic gems you need from other players around the world! You can build a world of wonder just the way you want it. Explore and meet insanely cute creatures with special abilities, amazing things to build, and big magic portals to other worlds. Come explore the mystery and discover the hidden objects. Simply download Qurius apk from google playstore and enjoy the app for free!

world of Qurius
Qurius features:
– Use the actual weather outside your window to build the world of Qurius
– Control an atmospheric track that responds to your actions
– Open portals to experience weather from all around the globe
– Collect Quarks with unique personalities and abilities
– Build houses, complete quests and find lost secrets
– Cast spells and transform your landscape
Collect adorable Quarks
Once you start playing Qurius, you’ll suddenly find yourself looking forward to weather events that would have most running for the hills.
Qurius app features are absolutely stunning landscape and characters so friendly: from tiny adorable Quarks to the dancing Shaman. Protecting them from any and all threats will quickly become your life’s new target.



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