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KingRoot APK is a powerful and free tool to root your Android phones or tablets in one moment. I guess that’s why this app is getting more and more popular in Android markets. I decided to regularly provide updates for kingroot to make it compatible with current devices. You can easily download the application without any payments and I also upload older versions. Kingroot supports most variety of android devices among all the similar programs. So, if you are looking for working tool to root your system, kingroot seems to be the best choice. Expecially if other similar tools failed many times before and you need 100% guarantee. The using is very easy, after a couple of seconds, the app finishes working and you’ll make your device rooted.


Root access is access to core part of the system – many people ask about it. For example if you gain root access to any Android system, you can do anything you imagine to do with this system. In android all you can do is install and remove only the apps you downloaded from google play store and view only the the data. Usually you have no access to all files and folders. But, if you root your device, you will be able to delete any app you want and simply view hidden files and folders. Notice that you would install many kinds of apps that provides amazing features and use apps that you can’t install on unrooted devices!

You should know that your device can be bricked/damaged during or after rooting and be prepared for reboot. I’m not responsible for any damaged caused by use of kingroot to your Android device. If you are scared about your system, please do small research and read opinions about the app. Usually all goes fine and the tool works perfectly but not on every device. Anyway, you can unroot your device later if you don’t like rooting, so it’s not a big problem.


How to use?

  1. Download KingRoot ZIP and extract APK file to your device.
  2. Open the APK file with file manager.
  3. If your device shows message „Installation Blocked” go to Setting > Security and there you tap the „Unknown sources” box.
  4. Run the app and and click „Start Root”. It usually takes some time, you cannot root your device in 2 seconds.
  5. If your device is compatible and everything goes fine, it should finish rooting after few minutes. If rooted successfully, you will see „rooted” message which means your phone has been successfully rooted. From now you can enjoy all features of rooting your android system.
  6. What if your device is incompatible? In this case just find other rooting tools such as Root master, Framaroot, iRoot etc.

modify games and apps

Features of kingroot:

  • Supports highest number of devices than any other similar apps. To be honest, other tools are not even close. Chill out, you can easily unroot your device if something went wrong. You can find tool which works faster, but kingroot is really universal, safe and free tool. Totally worth to try.
  • As I said, this application is popular and well-known in Android world and that’s why developer care for updates. The tool is updated frequently to support new models and add different features to older versions.
  • Very high success rate. It sounds unbelievable but Kingroot has rooted more than 90% of the total devices that downloaded it and tried to root their device with positive result. It seems to be the highest success rate on the industry!


You must know that software warranty will be void after you root your device. I guess it works like this, after you use any tool to root your device, be prepare to loose your warranty.


Omg! I don’t like it, how to unroot my device?

Do not be scared, you can fix it quickly. Remember, if you root your device, it is always possible to get it back to original state for free. Install SuperSU from google store in case you were using other root managing program. Run it and select settings menu. After it just find „Full Unroot” and tap on it. That’s all, you have just unrooted your device. If you still cannot unroot your Android Device, please contact me, I will try my best to help you. Kingroot is the very popular and most downloaded one-click rooting app in 2016. I understand that some people still fear about it, rooting has become common thing to android users. Rooting allows you to enjoy the features which random users can’t imagine. This program has helped millions of users worldwide to get their device rooted without any problems. Feel free to share your experience, issues,or any kind of questions by leaving a comment. It’s always nice to hear that guide helps you. I need to say thank you very much for visiting my own website. If you rooted your device successfully with this tutorial, please don’t forget to share this page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any social sites you follow. Thanks!


Developers recommend to go to google play store and download RootChecker. This small app allows you to check the root is successful. If you follow a few steps given above and all is ok, you will see message like this:


The latest version of kingroot works fine with almost all Xiaomi phones running MIUI 7.x or below. If you have any experience using it on Xiaomi devices whether successful or not, contact me. For example, if you findany mistake on this website, wirte to me. I will help you, I will fix mistakes and I will update some info if necessary. In my opinion getting root access with one click app is the easiest thing in your life. Kingroot developers release different updates regarding the compatibility and fast rooting to satisfy the needs of their clients. Kingroot’s APK file available out there is mostly in Chinese but here you can download only English version. Do not wait and just download it for free, then install it to boost your smarthpone’s performance in a short time. This smart tool enables you to remove some software from your device. It can also help in saving memory space in your phone. If your device’s memory or space is quite little before rooting, then Kingroot helps you to delete junk files and save memory. Btw, I decided to attach some rules for this website, visit disclaimer for more info.

free kingroot guide


Is it even worth do root my device?

After rooting your device, you can easily delete some software from your system. There is no installing option in the soft management inside the root. I have good news, after rooting they can match some file management software to remove the system apps in your Android. It will help save memory space in your phone. Many apps need to have the root access to open their functions and hidden features. Seems like yes, it’s worth because you can quickly unroot your system.

Does kingroot support all devices?

Unfortunately not, Kingroot doesn’t support all the models but I can say it supports most of them. As I said at the one of paragraph above, this tool reach the best results in rooting Android devices. It supports highest number of devices than other free rooting tools.

Is is dangerous?

It’s your decision, on this website you can find adventages and disadventages of rooting device. I have heard about few people brick their device during rooting but now you will root your device with 100% safe method. It’s better than manual actions which can damage your phone. Well, I think there is not much to worry about, but if you are scared, find more solutions in the Internet.

My warranty is lost after using kingroot?

Yes, but you can change it back. Just unroot your device and your warranty will come back. I included tutorial how to unroot android, find it above. Something went wrong after you root your device? Feel free to contact me, I will help you.



KingRoot is a smart tool for people who just want to get root access but their are scared of their lovely device. You can read on developer site that tool can work on devices from Android 2.X – 5.0. Another important thing is it’s necessary to keep net connection during root process – don’t forget about it. You should know that unroot operation also can be done also by just click the button in the menu of KingRoot apk.

Root is the highest access of Android system and this is why you should use only tested and confirmed tools for rooting. Every mobile phone system can be customized through the Root Access to use more advanced apps and games, it actually makes your mobile phone different from others.

Different solutions need to be executed for particular models, do research in the Internet before you contact me, probably your issue is solved and you will find answers on forums. If not, wirte to me and I will answer in 24/h. Feel free to select whether to grant Root authorization to other software in „Root Authorization” of the app. After you obtain the Root Access, the 3rd party software can start the advanced function and use them as long as you need. It is advised to authorize the third party program cautiously.

After „Enable Root Authorization”  feature is disabled in „General Settings” , all requests of all software will be terminated. If you still cannot hold it, please make more attempts after the failure. Some models of Android need special Root solution adaptation to work as you wish. Of course you can report own model information to developer so that the expert team can carry out the special adaptation work for your system or just wait for the update. I hope this article helps, thanks for coming!

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