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Game Killer is an android app made to help people in hacking small mobile games. With this smart app you can modify number of gold, diamonds etc. of android games by using technique of memory modifying. As I said, this is full legal way to improve your game score and you must know that it won’t work with every game. What about tests, is gamekiller worth to download? The tool has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide making it one of the most famous app not available on google store. Game killer is very easy to use, it supports a real big number of games and is compatible on latest Android versions. These days you can download Game killer for free without wasting your time or money. Forget about downloading the mod for every game, save your time and use gamekiller apk which is available on this website in many versions.


If you decide to download the tool, you must know that gamekiller works only on rooted devices. On this page you will find working Game Killer APK 4.10 available for free, without anoying surveys or hidden costs. In the Internet you can find many fake tools, but not this time. If something went wrong, do not wait and contact me. This is good answer for people who looks for hacks and cheats for mobiel games. In this case you can qucikly modify your game without paying for program. I attach guide how to use game killer with android device, all tips and tricks are given below. Thanks for coming!

Game killer APK V 4.10 update is prepared to free transfer with many fresh options, if you would like to test this latest update on your mechanical man devices then follow the provided download mirrors. It is true that there are really big number of game and apps which are available in the present market and out of them one of the most renowned game hacking apps is Game Killer. From now you don’t need to look for hacks or mod for your favourite game, this way is much better. Firsty, it’s easier and safer, you cannot loose your data or money. You also don’t have to use cheat codes or trainers from unknown source, this is legal and tested tool. Another good news is it doesn’t need to connect with Wi-Fi to work, this tool can easily work offline.

How To Use Game Killer?

1) Download Game Killer and extract it.

2) Install it on your device.

3) Run the app.

4) Minimize game killer or press back. After it you should see the game killer icon floating on your screen.

5) Run the game you want to modify and play it. Collect chosen currency, usually people want to hack gold or diamonds in mobile games and apps.

6) Click on the tool icon on the top. Enter the number of gold or diamonds or any item from the keyboard and then use search button and click auto identify in upcoming window. For example if you have 1234 gold in the game, enter 1234 from bottom keyword and tap search to find needed lines.

7) If app shows multiple values, play the game once again, collect more items/weapons or currency and search again until it shows single value.

8) After it shows single value, simply tap on it and change it to any value you need.

9) That’s all, your game should be hacked. You can easily hack other items by following the same steps.


– Most of the online hacks and cheats available for the android and ios games are useless and paid. This is some kind of offensive against fake apps and tools made for making money. As I said, forget about cheat tools for online games in any market. Also this app works for the offline games and applications. You can get all the game points, gold, currency, better score and features of the game pretty quickly.


– It is really easy to install and use even by teenager, all you need is a rooted device – remember about it! To come to a decision whether this hack apk is completely safe to download and use, I have searched through many websites and veriety of reviews. Feedback is positive, people like this app and they say it’s useful in most of cases. They cannot hack paid and secured games from top lists, but it seems to be the best way to change number of money in smaller games. It looks like a completely new era of hacking apps/games for mobile devices.


– We used to test one-niche cheats and hacks, but this tool can change your score in many games, like an universal super hack tool. Sounds good? Among all the game codes available in the present markets and game stores, Game Killer is definitely one of a kind and you can download it safely and use as long as you need. I highly recommend Game Killer for Android users. More details, faq and the rest of tutorial is given below. For security reasons I decided to attach Disclaimer for this website, it’s full legal and safe website, but you can find it and read here.



  • How it works?

You should know that Game killer works in offline games only, you cannot hack big and profitable games such as clash of clans, mobile strike etc. Online games are actually impossible to hack, but you can use tested methods like unique strategies and tactics. In this case hacking games based on modify a small part of game code. To be honest you need advanced knowledge of hacking or programming to hack big titles. Anyway, gamekiller v4.10 can change the number of coins in many games for Android. I can say it’s legal and seems to the only one safe method to change app values. Why? You can quickly find this app in many well-known markets with apps or stores. The good info for you is game killer is free and it’s available in a few older versions. The second fact is you feel like a programmist when using this tool. This is because good hacking process depends upon your skill and patience! I have read some comments and it looks like some users complain that Game Killer doesn’t work on a certain game while some other users are cheating the same game and sharing their results. The developer can easily fix own game and you won’t hack this game anymore. Do not give up and just try once again, you will obviously succeed. If you have more questions or you need some help, please contact me.

  • Which versions of android does Game Killer support?

The newest version of the tool supports android 2.3-6.0. Older devices may not support latest version of gamekiller, in that case please use older versions of app available on my website.

  • I have problem with download or with installation!

If you see the message „Installation blocked” go to you settings -> security. After it enable „unknown sources” and try to install the tool again. If you cannot download gamekiller apk from my site, try to use other browser, it might help you. You can always reset your device or reset your game if somthing went wrong. Remember to have some resources in the game you want to hack. Remember this characteristic number and then find in by this tool.

test game killer apk latest version

  • My device is not rooted!

Rooting your device is the first step to use Game killer on your devices. You can root easily your devices with many tools and apps such us kingroot. If it doesn’t work on your device, google How to Root [Your model], it should help you. It’s necessary to root your device, without it hacking games is possible with completely other tools. If you don’t want to root your android, use for example lucky patcher – with this tool you will hack games without rooting. It seems to be really good alternative for game killer, but you must know that with lucky patcher you modify less number of games. This is much easier but Gamekiller supports more games.

  • Is it safe and legal?

Of course, as I said in the first paragraph, this tool is 100% safe and legal. You cannot be banned or loose your data, forget about it. You won’t loose you money, because it’s free. Download it without any payments and enjoy the new app. Google also won’t ban you or they even don’t care whether you are using Gamekiller or not and there is actually no reason for ban. Moreover, application has anti-detect protection that prevent developers from getting more details about Game killer. Actually you don’t break any rule, it’s full safe way to change something in android games.

  • Why hacks with surveys don’t work?

Most of them are fake and just don’t work as you wish it. Thge truth is sad, but the only small percent of files available with survey are real and useful. All people hate these anoying surveys because they mostly bring non-working tools, documents or apps. These days is hard to find and download free and real tool without hidden ads, links, malwares etc. But not this time, I upload this application on my server and it’s available for free on my website.



What you should know before you test game killer apk from this service? Well, you cannot change values in very popular and online games such us boom beach or age of war. But many simply games for Android can be easily hacked without any problems. This app is getting more and more popular in every mobile store because it just work fine. I decided to always give you updated up, at this moment version 4.10 is fresh and ready to download. Need some privacy policy facts? I attach disclaimer for this website, check it if you need.

The real, free and working game killer 4.10 is online and available for every visitor. Need more features of gamekiller? It can also rosolve your problems with errors in games. You will be able to unlock missions, levels and places in some games. Stop paying for gold or other resources, from now you are able to change everything! Modify game control, currency, characters and many more! Try this amazing tool and leave a feedback, we want to know your experience.

If you don’t contact us by contact form, feel free to leave a comment and describe your problem. I will answer in 24h and I will try my best to help you. Do not wait and use this great app to stay safe and satisfied. Save your time and protect your device from dangerous and paid hacks. Good luck!

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