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Framaroot is a one-click rooting Android app . This great and useful application lets you to gain root privileges in your Android device by installing Superuser and SU binary in it. It lets you to root your Android smartphone or tablet and you should know that will also void the warranty of your mobile device. I would recommend to think well about using this application before you start because if you root your device with this app, you won’t be able to claim warranty…

The application helps to root a wide range of Android smartphones by using the following exploits: Aragorn, Barahir, Boromir, Farahir, Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas and Pippin. Using this Framaroot apk to root your Android tablet or smartphone is quite an easy task, as all you have to do is download the app from this website, install it in your Android, run it in and click on any of the exploits.


How Framaroot works?

  • Framaroot is a one-click rooting app, which lets you to root your Android device just by clicking the any of the exploits given in this app. Unlike other rooting methods or tools, you don’t have to do a lot of tasks to root your Android when you use Framaroot apk and that is one of the major advantages of rooting your device with this amazing and free application.
  • Rooting your system requires computer in most cases but when you use Framaroot, you can just forget about using your PC, it’s not necessary! Since most Android users doesn’t like the idea of using computers to do anything on mobile devices, Framaroot solves their rooting requirements.
  • SuperSU is well-known Android application created specifically for rooted devices to grant permissions to popular Android apps, which requires root permissions. In most cases you will need to manually install SuperSU in your device after gaining root privileges but not this time. With Framaroot you won’t have to install it manually as the SuperSU app will get installed automatically.

Worth to Know:

  1. Using Framaroot to root Android device is an easy task. Please install the app in your device and click on any of the exploits given in the app to root.
  2. Using Framaroot will void your system warranty and you won’t be able to claim it until you unroot your device. So think about this before you start using app!

While using the application, sometimes Framaroot might get crashed. In those times, just reinstall it to fix the problem.framaroot-apk-latest-version

Click below to download framaroot apk:




Follow the link pointed above and made sure it is downloaded to your tablet/smartphone. Once you’d done that, you can use any file explorer to get your downloaded APK file. It depends on the web browser you are using, mostly it would be stored on your memory card. To install Framaroot in mobile, go ahead to the place where your downloaded file is located. Then find Framaroot on the list and tap that. Just follow the one screen instructions to get started! You should know that rooting won’t do anything to your personal files such as videos, documents, photos, etc. But to stay safe, it is better to backup your android system to computer or makes use of any other backup app don’t need root access.

How To Root Your Android Using Framaroot Without PC :

  • Download the latest version of Framaroot from this website (I recommend the latest version).
  • Install the downloaded APK file on your Android.
  • Run the application, and if one or more exploit available in the app can potentially root your system, they will be shown on the screen.
  • You should see a menu on the screen that lets you decide whether you want to install Superuser or SuperSU (you can choose the one, both works fine) after all, or unroot a device that’s already rooted.
  • Tap any of the available and ready exploits to try rooting your device with it. You will get a messagetelling you whether rooting was successful or not. If it failed, try one of the other available exploits.
  • Once you get the prompt that your device was successfully rooted, simply reboot the device and enjoy.


Another good info for you is FramaRoot supports more than 400 devices! Feel free to click “check device list” to see services which are available for the newest version 1.9.3 before you start the rooting your device. In some cases, you might get a pop-up message that says “half success” after  Android rooting is done. What does it mean for user? The system partition is read only, so you will have to use the local prop trick. Reboot your device and then make use of ad to see whether the rooting process succeeds. Do it again and again to find correct exploit which works. With the overall number of devices supported, exploits available and features offered, the Framaroot seems to be one of the best rooting applications available in our market. Do not wait and install FramaRoot apk on your android and root it in one moment. The application can run on the custom script while rooting your device. A name of your script should be “custom” and it should be simply put at sd card/custom. To feel more safe you can use the advanced user script if you are really aware of what you are doingo. A small mistake can easily make your device as worthless as a brick.



Q: Does framaroot support my device?
A: If your device is in the compatibility list given on the official site, the short answer is yes but usually it depends of your firmware version, as you know, unfortunately latest firmware have less chance to be rooted. If your smartphone or tablet is not in the compatibility list, the answer is:try it and see.

Q: Why this app doesn’t root anymore after I update my device?
A: This is because framaroot exploit security holes present in some devices which has been patched with update you have done, so exploits can’t root your Android device anymore. Applications’s exploits have a very short life to keep your device “less exposed” to others malicious files. You should keep in mind that framaroot is not a permanent rooting application!

Q: I loose root after update, what I can do to root my device now?
A: Well, if you want to still have a chance to keep root after an update, just don’t update with Kies or ODIN for samsung devices or don’t flash system partition. Prefer OTA update and use OTA survival feature in Superuser or SuperSU. But if you have no choice, use the traditional method – flash tools specific to your model of the device.

Q: Will framaroot include more exploits in the future?
A: Yes, author says it depends of the vendors fix response.

Q: Why Framaroot crashes when I select Gandalf exploit?
A: It’s popular crash, but do not worry about this. Often the first time you launch Framaroot by selecting Gandalf as exploit, it crash the system. Don’t worry, in this case you will have to re-launch Framaroot and select Gandalf exploit again. The second time it should work as you wish.

Q: What means error# as result?
A: Well, all errors less or equal to 9 mean your smartphone is not vulnerable. If you receive error#10, give a try with Framaroot 1.5.3. All other issues need some investigation about your kernel image.

Q: What if it says “Success” but SuperSU is not installed after reboot?
A: Maybe there is some additional protection on your tablet or something is wrong with SuperSU version embedded in Framaroot.
In this situation author recommend to use “Execute script” action and put your own shell script commands in /sdcard/custom (use it at your own risk, all commands are executed with root privileges!).

Q: What can I do when the result is Half-success?
A: You see this message when the /system partition on your Android is a read-only filesystem. To handle this case Framaroot try to use a solution by adding “ro.kernel.qemu=1” in file /data/local.prop. If you decide to test it, you will have to reboot your device and connect to it with adb shell. Once connected type the “id” command to see if you are root. But if you are not root, other method is to select “Execute script” action and put your own shell script commands in /sdcard/custom, but it might be dangerous (use at your own risk, all commands are executed with root privileges!).


Android Rooting Advantages:
If you root your own device, you must know that your Android get vulnerable to get virus infected, and it lacks your system security. Google does not serve any rooted system with their Gooogle Wallet service. If you stay okay with these odds, simply go for the Framaroot apk file. Below you will find the massive advantages of rooting that is worth risking your device to security leaks. Or not? Check this out and leave your opinion in comments.

1: Install Incompatible Apps. Some of the applications that has been blocked by android-carrier is incompatible to install on your device. Neither it is available in the Android stores and markets. Rooting also gives you to access to run those carrier-blocked apps and you can boost your device hardware, switch to features of latest Android versions.

2: After you root your Android, you will be able to Boost Battery Life and Phone Speed! In the Internet you can find many apps available to increase your mobile phone speed and battery durability. It also allows you to use tools like Set CPU that is design to overclock your device hardware, making to device run even better. Just read smoe reviews before you download the app, some of them are just useless such as all these tools for PC which are “giving boost”, but they only make your computer slowly.

3: Block Online Apps! It is certain that occasional ads are a way through the author makes money. But sometimes, it gets annoying when you see irrelevant or harmful ads on your screen frequently. Ads also usage your data balance, did you know it? Well, if you want to get rid of them rooting your android and then installing some ad blockers.

4: Using Titanium Backup Rooting your system will allow you to backup your essential applications and data using Titanium Backup. If you are switching to a new mobile phone based on Android and leaving the old one, you can always restore all your previous apps and documents in a new phone.

5: Get Rid of Pre installed Scums. Each Android device has got some pre installed apps and crapware. As you know most of them are useless, space-wasting, just annoying and battery draining. But Titanium is convenient in not only backing up your stuff, but it can also get you rid of that useless crapware as well. Sounds good?



Poeple used to root their Samsungs, HTCs, Sony, etc. just because rooting allows user to access some locked features of Android system. Let’s imagine it, now you are intended to update your operating system. You allow the update and… When downloading completes, you tap the button to start the update and then your tablet or smartphone restarts. When the rebooting finishes, a failure message pops up however. I tlooks like you cannot update a rooted phone using the standard method. Fortunately, this is the best solution. There is a way to do it – unroot your phone. How? Simply use Framaroot for unrooting. It’s a kind of a root program that not only roots your Android phone but also unroot it in a few steps! The application is clear so there’s no spam or hidden bugs, you can also read more about this tool on official website or forum. And it won’t bring any virus/malware that attacks your Android device, so don’t worry about the security. It this post I have prepared some kind of manual user/tutorial/guide which can help you in rooting your device. I hope all is clear, but if you find some mistakes, let us know. Thanks!


Supported exploit arguments supported in Framaroot 1.9.3:

Sam (Exynos devices)
Frodo (Exynos devices)
Gimli (Omap36XX devices)
Merry (Exynos devices)
Aragorn (Samsung devices)
Legolas (Samsung devices)
Gandalf (Qualcomm devices)
Boromir (Mediatek devices)
Pippin (K3V2 devices)
Gollum (AMLogic devices)
Faramir (Mediatek devices)
Barahir (Mediatek devices)

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