Download Root Explorer Updated Version ZIP

Root Explorer 4.0.1

– Multiple tabs!
– Google Drive & Box, Dropbox and SMB support
– SQLite database viewer
– Txt Editor
– Make and extract zip and tar/gzip files
– Extract rar archives
– Multi-select
– Execute scripts
– Searcher
– Remount
– Permissions
– Bookmarks
– Send files (via bluetooth or email)
– Thumbnails
– APK binary XML viewer
– Change file owner
– Create symbolic link
– MD5
– Possibility to create shortcuts

Root Explorer 3.3.8

– A few bugs are fixed in this new version and new features are included.
– Access all types of files from any storage of your device.
– Supports cloud storage such as dropbox and google drive for storage.
– You can see different types of files like xml, text and image formats etc.
– SQLite database viewer included.
– From now it supports rooted and non rooted phones.
– Different kinds of toolbox.

Root Explorer 3.3.5

– Acess whole android folders including the elusive data folder
– Fixed archive extraction to SD card in Lollipop
– Multiple tabs
– Google Drive
– Box & DropBox
– APK Binary XML viewer
– Open With facility
– MD5 opener
– Shortcut creator
– Change file owner or group
– Create symbolic link

Root Explorer 3.3.4

– Resolving situation where root access is denied in Superuser fixed.
– „Open With” crash fixed.
– Correctly create and extract archives to SD card in Lollipop.

Root Explorer 3.3.2

– Hotfix for new Lollipop SD code
– From now it allows write to external SD with no root in Android 5.0 Lollipop
– Display SE Linux context in file/folder properties
– Select SE context menu option

Root Explorer 3.3.1

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